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Welcome to Nature in Mind where I write about living a caring and healthy life with nature in mind. I’d like this blog to be a place where we can exchange ideas and help each other create positive change.

I believe an informed, considered, and honest life, one that aligns with our values, is a meaningful life. By keeping nature in mind and caring more, we can enjoy a greener environment and better mental health.

I believe we naturally want to lead the good life and do the right thing. Through education and communication, we can improve conditions in society and the natural world. We can take action to enrich our own lives and those of generations to come.

Knowledge, compassion, and community are key to change. I would love you to join this community and share your experiences and enthusiasm!

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Image credit: Muriwai Beach Australasian Gannet Colony by David Brighten

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About Tracy Brighten

With her passion for nature, health, education, and sustainability, Tracy writes creative content that connects with readers. She helps tell people's stories, build brands, and grow businesses. Thrives on words, birds and enthusiasm. For hire at www.tracybrightenwriter.com.

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