Free Range to End Range


While stocks last,
Choose from our new menu of free-range birds,
Sourced and slaughtered in the wild.

To start
Stitchbird soup with garlic croutons

For main
A little cautious perhaps, then try
Matured tui tossed in flaxseed oil with fries and catsup sauce
Skewered silvereye served on cat’s tongue cookie drizzled with cranberry coulis
Peppered pukeko served in Huntsman’s sauce
Poached South Island kaka caged in lattice pastry
Fillet of sole on scrambled dotterel eggs with wine reduction
Pan fried local penguin served blue in squash surprise.

More adventurous, less conscientious, then try
Marinated Australasian gannet wings drenched in oil on sea-salt couscous
Seared line-caught royal albatross with dashi agar agar jelly and tangled carrots
Rare fairy tern with sterlet caviar steeped in sorrel jus
Sun-dried yellow-eyed penguin with bitter-sweet squid garnish
North Island kiwi bled overnight served shredded on green leaves
Medallions of moa cooked to extinction.

To finish
Our speciality dessert – Death by Complacency.

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